Hello there, J. It's D. It's been a long time since we last spoke. Honestly, this is awkward – anyway, I hope you're well. I'm doing OK, although things have changed.

I'm sure you're wondering why, after all this time, I'm contacting you (like, WTF?!?). Well, I got the 'urge' to contact you a few weeks ago. I can't recall why or where I was at the time or what I was doing, but later that evening as I sat down to write, well, I didn't know what the hell I wanted to say.

And, after a few failed attempts to write anything interesting, I quit. Afterwards I forgot about writing you, remembered again some days later, forgot again and remembered again. Anyway, here I am, several weeks later, finally, writing to you. And, I still don't know why I'm writing you, especially after all this time. There will be a reason, but so far it hasn't revealed itself to me... Perhaps you know..? Now that would be weird!!

So, if I recall, the last time we spoke (or wrote), you were living in Kentucky with your mother, but looking for your own place. Your separation from C had been tough, but it felt right, and, aside from the weather, you had no regrets about having moved away from Texas. After a long search and some voluntary work, you had a job you loved, and things appeared to be going well.

Then, oddly, we lost touch... After the journey we'd been on together, after all we had shared and the hours and hours of help we'd given each other... fucking hell, J! Anyway, I can't recall why exactly thing stopped... I suspect it wasn't just the one thing, but rather a culmination of things that coalesced in our lives at that point, resulting in our relationship losing all of its previously considerable momentum.

I have a vague memory of writing to you, something heartfelt and morbid no doubt, you then replying with a thank you and a promise of a more detailed reply... a broken promise... I may have mangled that... I'd love to get your perspective on it...

I can't check my emails. I had a purge during this time...

Notwithstanding all the above, I've thought about you often; I've wondered what was happening in your life, where you where, who you're with (;)) and if you were happy or sad. Tell me, have you thought about me at all..?

Unsurprisingly, after such a long time, I've a lot to tell you, and no doubt lots has changed in your life. I would love to speak again. Should you be similarly inclined, then drop me a reply to this email.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care.


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